Let's get straight to the facts.

What does "shared inventory" mean?
All shirt inventory is shared. If you see a shirt that has only one color in that design left it means there is only one shirt color left across the board for all designs. That means if someone is looking at another design in MEDIUM NAVY and buys that shirt while you're browsing at a different design on that last MEDIUM NAVY shirt, it will no longer be available when you go to checkout. But don't worry, restocks are fairly quick and you can ask for notifications for that particular shirt.

How long does it take to restock?
It can take up to two weeks to restock as we have a tshirt shortage due to Covid-19. I try to maintain stock so I have rotating inventory but items can go out of stock from time to time, so I apologize if that occurs.

Why don't all designs come in all shirt colors?
Some designs just won't show well on some shirt colors. Executive, design decisions were made for what designs would go on what shirts. Here's hoping you love them regardless!

When I switch my shirt size the image still shows "medium". Does this mean I'll get a medium?
No, whatever shirt size you selected will be the one you get. All basic images were made with the standard medium label logo.

Why don't you offer sizes 3XL, 4XL, etc?
I'm a small business owner and just starting out. Shirt prices go up as the sizes go up. I plan on adding them as the company grows though! Keep in mind as shirt sizes get larger the design will still remain the same size and may appear smaller although the statements will stay just as bold. 😉

What is "Allies for Ally"?
Allies for Ally is a fund I have put together in remembrance of my sister who passed due to domestic violence. Click the link here to find out more about it.

Do you do custom?
Please reach out to me if you need anything or if you have any special requests as I may be open to custom designs depending on time. Please keep in mind anything custom would require a 6 shirt minimum and prices go down the more you order. I'll always be straightforward and honest with you on everything, so just ask. You can message me on Facebook or email me at with ATTN:Custom.