Allies for Ally


Allies for Ally is a fund I've created in remembrance of my sister, Allyson, who was taken from us all too soon because of domestic violence. Something too many women, children and men are familiar with. 

She was a bright and beautiful soul. When she tried leaving she succeeded for 21 days before having to go back to get clothes for her daughter that she had to leave behind in a hurry. Unfortunately he found out and was waiting for her. This is what makes it so hard for individuals to leave. For 21 days my sister was able to be free of him and enjoy life again with her daughter. 

Because of her strength. Because of her love. Because of her courage... her daughter is safe and with me now. I will always remember her and try to help those that have to endure what she had to. 

All shirts from the RISE UP section will have a 10% portion taken from profits and donated to domestic violence charities. I will post to social media as I make the donations and be very clear about where these are going. I am hoping this will really blossom from the community because I intend on creating a scholarship as well in her honor as time goes on.

If you care to donate to the Allies for Ally fund directly, you can do that by clicking on the button here:



Please remember that you are not alone and there are resources out there. If you are finding yourself in need go to your local food stamps location and tell them there. There are a lot of local charities too that have secret rooms that help (specifically women but a lot do not discriminate for those in need) anyone that needs assistance. 

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is: 1-800-799-7233


Cachette - Secret Hiding Place for Money

When I was in my teens, my mémé always told me to keep a "cachette" in case I needed to run from my man in case of emergencies or even for as simple as a rainy day. It was known as the "rainy day fund" to others and "secret hiding place" to us. Honestly, every person should have a cachette but especially those who are suffering from abuse. It can be extremely hard to keep your own money in those situations. Pulling from ATMs can be suspicious... If you buy groceries, even a pack of gum from Walmart, you can get $20 cashback and it will be less suspicious. Even if you have to work in smaller increments than that it can build up over time. Just make sure to have a good hiding place.  

Internet Usage

Internet usage can be monitored and not completely deleted. Call this number for more information: 1-800-799-7233 and remember to delete your browser history. 


If you have tips that worked for you and want to add them here please send them to ATTN:Tips.